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We help keep you connected to your job search and support you during the process.

Digital Employment Wellbeing trial

YourHealth+ Work is an all-in-one digital health solution that allows you to measure, monitor and enhance your wellbeing while supporting you to secure, and stay in work.

Flexible meetings

Struggling to get to your local Joblife office? That is okay as we can come to you.

What we offer job seekers:

Each Joblife centre takes your whole circumstances into consideration when working with you. Our partnership with Australia’s leading social purpose organisation, Life Without Barriers, and our Five Star disability employment service delivery experience allow us to help you access a broad range of services beyond employment.

Flexibility in location and times for meetings

Smartphones to help you stay connected

Free wifi and access to computers in our office

Help with preparation of a resume

Practice and prepare for your interview

Job matching

Special job search app with loads of tips and information as well as a jobs board

Support while you are at work

Ongoing support once we find you work

A participant is eligible for Disability Employment Services if they, have a disability, injury or health condition; are at least legal working age in your state or territory; under aged pension age; and are an Australian resident. Centrelink needs to complete an assessment to determine your eligibility and the number of hours you can work in most cases.

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There are no costs to receive support in Disability Employment Services. The program is funded by the Australian government, to help people living with disability or injury to better access employment opportunity. Joblife may be able to assist you with purchasing items, or to complete training to make you more job ready, as well as accessing Wage Subsidies when you gain employment.

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The initial meeting will take place in person, to enable consultants to fully explain our services and to be able to tailor our assistance to you. If needed these appointments can be conducted at a mutually convenient location, and you are always welcome to bring a support person with you to your appointments. Future appointments can be negotiated to be face to face, over the phone, or delivered through video chat.

We have some tips on meeting your requirements.

Meeting my requirements

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