Joblife employment consultant, Anne Hatcher, shares her top tips for creating a good resume so you can land the perfect job.

  1. Make sure you include all your contact information in your resume to make it easy for employers to contact you. Some employers will want to call you or email you, so include both.
  2. Choose a nice simple layout and an easy to read typeface. Many computers have templates that you can easy customise, including adding colour and design features that will make your resume stand out from the crowd.
  3. When writing up your work history, start with the most recent job you have had and work your way down. Include your role title, the activities you performed in this role, if you were part of a team or if you worked unsupervised. Highlight your achievements and successes and what you learnt from this experience. Include the dates of your employment.
  4. List all your achievements, awards, certificates, courses and interests. Employers like to see that applicants are well-rounded and have interests outside work or have continually worked to improve their skills and knowledge through study or work experience. Include languages, sporting or musical interests and any community or volunteering work you have done.
  5. Depending on the jobs you are applying for it is worth putting in the effort to adjust or tweak your resume to match the job so it is clear to the employer how your skills match the job vacancy.
  6. Always include a covering letter with your resume. This is where you can show employers that you have researched the role and their business, explain why you want the job, demonstrate how your skills match the role and what you can add to the position.
  7. Your Joblife consultant can help you with your resume and covering letter and prepare you for the next step – the interview!

Anne is a local to the North Adelaide region, and covers areas including Salisbury, Elizabeth, Angle Vale, Mount Torrens, and down to Modbury.  Looking for work or staff in North Adelaide, contact Anne here