From your first contact with Joblife Employment we want to develop a relationship built on trust, honesty and transparency:

  • We prepare you for work or education based on your needs, strengths and goals
  • We support and encourage you every step of the way
  • We champion and promote you to suitable employers in a job that interests you
  • We assist you to access community services that provide additional support
  • We help remove barriers that prevent you from achieving your dreams

Our promise to you:

  • Partner with you to transform your life
  • Put you at the centre of all our interactions
  • Deliver positive outcomes for you
  • Provide opportunities for you to participate in meaningful activities
  • Offer a range of ways for you to speak up and provide feedback
  • Exceed your expectations throughout your journey with us

Your responsibilities – what this means:

Respect: Treat others with respect including Joblife staff, clients, their family, carers, advocates and visitors. Be considerate and make sure your behaviour does not adversely affect others. Any kind of violence, harassment or abuse towards staff or others is not acceptable.

Safe environment: Respect the rights of staff to work in a safe environment.

Information: You can assist us with providing requested information and returning phone calls from Joblife to allow us to support your journey to employment in a timely manner and assist you as quickly as possible.

Your rights – what this means:

I have the right to:

  • Exercise control and choice when I use services or supports
  • Participate in my chosen community
  • Decide how I have contact with family, friends and community
  • Freedom to give positive and negative feedback about all aspects of my supports and services
  • Independent advice and support to provide feedback or make a complaint when I need it
  • Access services based on fair and equal and transparent criteria, and support for referral when a service is not available
  • Services and supports that are effectively managed, regularly reviewed, accountable and contemporary

Our Service Charter

If at any time you would like to discuss our services you are encouraged to contact us.

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