Nunzia Confessore, CEO

Nunzia has had the privilege of 25 years’ leadership experience across Australia and internationally including positions such as CEO, COO and EGM in both profit and not for profit sector across various service-based industries including employment services, recruitment, training, disability and community services. Nunzia seeks to inspire people to achieve extraordinary things with a commitment and vision to changing the lives of people with disability through gaining meaningful employment.

Emma Callahan, National Employment Services Manager

Emma is an accomplished, motivated business executive with 17 Years’ experience within the Employment Services Industry.

As the National Employment Services Manager for Joblife Employment, Emma is passionate about leading teams to achieve positive outcomes through a combination of strategy development and implementation, project, governance, risk, stakeholder engagement and culture development.

Jessica Frendin, National Marketing and Communications Manager

Jessica is a marketing and communications specialist who has worked in both profit and not for profit sectors across various service-based industries including; community services, disability employment, tourism and hospitality.

Jessica aims to use digital strategy and accessible communication to connect people with services that support them to gain meaningful employment.

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