What is YourHealth+ Work?

YourHealth+ Work is an all-in-one digital health solution that allows you to measure, monitor and enhance your wellbeing while supporting you to secure, and stay in work.

YourHealth+ Work is powered by The Better Health Generation (TBHG), an international organisation of thought-leading mental and physical allied health professionals connected by their commitment to care and quality.

YourHealth+ Work is easily customised to your circumstances with the option of self-directed support.

How Can YourHealth+ Work help you?

  • Improving your wellbeing from the comfort of your own home
  • Ability to support and track your work performance
  • Access to support from health professionals
  • Ability to set up regular tracking
  • A customised mentoring dashboard
  • Learn new skills from a library of Mental Health and Wellbeing tools
  • Individual user app

Support on your Employment Journey

YourHealth+ Work is there to support you on your journey. See the touch points in this image on the left of where it can help improve your experience and outcomes.

Download full image here: The Client Journey

Are you a part of the trial?

Download the application through one of the following links:

  1. For iPhone devices click here.
  2. For Android devices eg. Samsung, HTC etc click here.
  3. To use the desktop version click here. 

Support and Resources

Technical support and general guidance is provided by both Joblife Employment and The Better Health Generation. Speak directly with your Employment Consultant to access the user guides and resources to help you.

If you cannot get in touch with them please email [email protected].