Bedridden and suffering from Fibromyalgia in her second pregnancy, Joblife’s Rockdale client Ananya Moitra had been unemployed for years.

Ananya is teeming with knowledge and wisdom, from an MBA in Finance to experience in marketing, sales, and insurance- but her medical issues punched a five-year gap in her resume.

Joblife Employment Consultant Benny Leung knew all Ananya needed was encouragement and perhaps a career change.

“Benny is such a nice person. I give him 100/100. He gave me such emotional support and never pressured me.” Ananya praises her consultant.

When Benny saw how passionate Ananya was to work with people, and living with barriers herself, he knew she would be the perfect employment consultant. Benny has a big footprint in the employment industry and utilised his connections to get Ananya a position as a Job Coach at another provider.

“Joblife has been a true life-changer for me and my family. After coming to Australia in 2015 and delivering my youngest child in 2016, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and almost lost all the hope of recovering.

Benny gave me direction and helped me, walking every step with me until I got the job. Now I’m not only dealing with my health conditions in a better way but also supporting my family financially.

Thanks, Benny and Joblife for giving me the chance to support my super supportive husband when he needed me the most.” Ananya says.

Of course, pivoting to the unknown can be daunting, but at Joblife we prepare our clients for these exciting new challenges.

When Ananya embarked on this new career journey, Benny brought her in for an industry overview, imparting his wisdom on her.

If you are looking for a change but think your barriers will prevent you from chasing your dream job, Joblife can help you make the dream a reality. To connect with us, click here.