“Joblife knows about my depression and anxiety and has been amazing at supporting me when the work pressure builds up.”

Kelly stopped working in January 2019 due to a decline in health, including depression and anxiety concerns. After spending 9 months out of work she volunteered at a local primary school and started some casual office admin and cleaning. Kelly wasn’t happy with the level of service her employment provider was giving her, so she contacted Joblife.

Soon after swapping to Joblife she started working with IPA which saw Kelly achieve her first employment outcome. Not long after this milestone a maternity leave role became available at Joblife and Kelly applied and started as an employment consultant. Although the contract has now completed Kelly has just accepted a permanent role and is an official full-time member of our team.

Kelly is a vibrant and hard-working member of the Joblife team and credits her manager Becci for always being there for her.

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