Joblife Employment puts former Paralympian in the driver’s seat

Former world champion Paralympic powerlifter turned bus driver Kahi Puru typifies the mantra that wherever there’s a will, there’s most definitely a way. Almost 30 years after he lost his left leg in a work accident that almost killed him - and two decades since he represented Australia at the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney [...]
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Elizabeth in front of her workplace.

Client Spotlight: Elizabeth Johnson

At Joblife Employment, we work hard to assist our clients on their employment journey. There are many different paths to employment and we support our clients to find the most suitable path for them. Elizabeth had a motorcycle accident which left her with a severe spinal cord injury. This injury together with medication management caused [...]
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Milette finds her way back to Pharmacy!

Milette was employed for over 26 years as a pharmacist assistant but after getting sick for a short period she returned to work and was suddenly dismissed from her job. This came as a huge shock and had an impact on Milette's physical and mental health. She found Joblife online and contacted us via our [...]
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Client Spotlight: Kerryn

Kerryn first came to Joblife seeking help to find employment. She has a condition called Fibromyalgia which causes her constant fatigue and joint pain. She is also involved in the Fibromyalgia community helping people understand the condition and advocating for others with the same condition. Kerryn is incredibly personable and caring. Throughout the whole process […]

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Work Assist helped transform Lorreen’s day to day life

Lorreen is an employee of the Shire of Kojonup library, she is an amputee and has lived with disability for majority of her life unassisted. She has had days where she struggles through but always tries to make the best of things. Our team first met Lorreen at the Disability awareness day celebrations.  As the [...]
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Tegan the Phlebotomist

As someone who has always worked Tegan said it was hard suddenly not working. After Tegan had a car accident 9 years ago, she needed surgery. The surgery required medication to support her recovery, but it also had a negative impact on her mental health causing her to stop working. Tegan was suddenly in an [...]
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Meet Kelly: Managing health concerns and employment

“Joblife knows about my depression and anxiety and has been amazing at supporting me when the work pressure builds up.” Kelly stopped working in January 2019 due to a decline in health, including depression and anxiety concerns. After spending 9 months out of work she volunteered at a local primary school and started some casual [...]
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Year 11 student begins his journey into a Community Support career.

Kane registered with Joblife when he was in year 11. Our team in QLD assisted him to secure a Certificate III Individual support to complete a school-based traineeship with Centacare. As a young man with autism, Kane was inspired to enrol in this course as he has been a support for his older sister with [...]
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Roylene finds her feet at Joblife Employment

Rebecca thought she was unemployable. Her hearing loss impacted on her confidence to get a job. Until she contacted Joblife.

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