Depressed and anxious, looking for a job to support his son, Blair Evans, 47, paced the Joblife Joondalup office car park trying to work up the courage to take a step inside and into a new chapter.

Alongside his mental health issues, Blair also lives with a Peripheral Vascular Disease that weakens and pains his left arm. This barrier has hindered Blair from continuing his lifelong passion and skill- bricklaying.

“Blair was a talented bricklayer and now he had to start from scratch. He was really down on himself because he didn’t believe he had any other skills to offer.” Joblife Employment Consultant Nicole Schulze said.

Nicole was determined to prove Blair wrong. Going over Blair’s transferable, soft skills, and his decades’ worth of experience, Nicole was able to articulate it all on his resume. Blair realised he was more employable than he thought.

“We printed out his resume and we found a vacancy for a trainer position and quickly put him through for it.” Nicole explained.

Blair scored a position with Skill Hire as a bricklaying trainer. Now he can still be involved in an industry he knows and loves, without having to worsen his condition.

“In my initial interview with Blair, I could see how anxious he was, but could also hear the passion he had for his trade. Since commencing with Skill Hire, Blair has gained so much confidence and is able to pass on his skills of bricklaying to school students looking to enter the construction industry and be the next generation of apprentices.” Carly Waterfield, the General Manager for Training Services at Skill Hire said.

The Joblife support doesn’t stop there for Blair. Joblife has connected Blair with the mental health service Back2Work for on-going support. Joblife paid for a police check and working with children check. Nicole also assisted Blair with the learning of new digital skills, something they worked on during Nicole’s weekly job clubs.

Sometimes getting back into work can be hard, but Joblife works with you to make it easy. To find out how Joblife can support you in your journey to employment, you can connect with us here.