There is more to your life than what you do for work.

At Joblife, we understand that.

We don’t just want to help you find work, we also want to support you to live a life that fulfils you and gives you purpose.

53-year-old Joblife Paramatta client, Bradley Gill, lives with Osteoporosis and mental health barriers. While he’s had a tough go at life, Bradley “bounces out of bed in the morning” and maintains his happy nature.

Being comfortable and confident in his own self contributes to Bradley’s happiness. He knows his passion and calling in life- to work with horses. This is something Bradley has been doing on-and-off since he was 15 years old.

Alongside his stable hand work, Bradley has experience in telemarketing.

“I wanted to update my skills and computer knowledge because there may come a time where I need to take a break from the stables due to my health condition, and I wanted to make sure I could get an office job if I need to.” Bradley explained.

Senior Employment Consultant Nefa Alic-Pirgic was all too happy to help.

“We used the online learning platform Alffie to improve Bradley’s computer skills. We even helped him set up his internet. With just a little bit of help in these areas, Bradley was very capable of getting a job.” Nefa said.

The work to get a job didn’t stop there, Nefa and Bradley worked together to update Bradley’s resume, apply for jobs, conduct interview preparation, and find him accommodation after experiencing housing instability.

“Joblife has been behind me 100%. They have helped keep me on the right track. I have felt very supported by Nefa. She is so interested and keen to see me succeed. Knowing I can call her any time and have her support, it really built up my confidence.

Even when Centrelink could not help me relocate to Ballarat for a brief period, Nefa went out and organised for me to receive financial assistance to go down there.” Bradley said.

Bradley now works as a stable hand in Rosehill. But Joblife’s support doesn’t stop now.

“We helped provide Bradley with work attire and shoes. If his stable job becomes too much for his condition- as he can walk up to 20 or 30 kilometres a day- we have a Plan B to put Bradley in a warehouse role or find an office job.” Nefa said.

Joblife always has your back, and we want support you on your employment journey- whatever that looks like.

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