When South Australian FIFO worker Bradley Carter sends his Christmas cards out this year there’s no doubt that the woman who helped save him from homelessness and into stable employment will be among the recipients.

A long-term client of Joblife Employment, Bradley, is one of thousands of Australians whose lives had been impacted by COVID-19. The ongoing struggle to make ends meet was becoming mission impossible – until he met Gabriella Drinic.

Having been unemployed for a long period of time, Bradley’s confidence was knocked. Gabriella was determined to bring him under her wing and understand his self-worth.

“The crux of Bradley’s mental health issues stem from never having anything really come easy in his life,” Gabriella said.

“Bradley has anxiety, depression and PTSD – he didn’t complete Year 12 but despite his mental health barriers, he is extremely engaged and very keen to work.

“So, we straight away modified his job plan and started off applying for four jobs per fortnight and gradually increased it as his confidence increased.”

Gabriella discovered one of Bradley’s most cherished memories was a stint as a FIFO worker where he had completed the required training and qualifications, she set about securing him a job – which she promptly did.

On June 21 this year, Bradley applied for a position as a FIFO worker and four months later he’s living the dream and loving life with his fiancée and their baby – and Gabriella is extremely proud of her client.

“Brad didn’t have money for petrol to get to work until he received his first pay cheque so Joblife Employment helped fund his fuel until he got on his feet.”

“He has learned to manage his frustration better with healthy coping mechanisms and support from Joblife, such as walking away when he is angry or upset and venting to me so we can come up with a solution together.”

If you or any of your friends and family are looking for a job, phone Joblife Employment Customer Service Team on 1800 319 502, email [email protected] and we’ll have you employed in no time.