Ali Goddard – Becci Forman – Daniel Hawthorne – Ali has had a number of challenges to overcome to find her dream role.  She has a confirmed diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, diagnosed at age 18. She has been treated with psychological counselling, medication and psychiatric reviews.  She has symptoms of hypomania with depression, dissociative state, paranoia, mood swings, self harming and suicidal ideation. She currently sees her Psychiatrist twice a month.  Ali also has diagnosis of Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Ali reports she has seen a specialist and been prescribed exercises and lives with symptoms of multiple joint pains and muscle aching, knees giving way and joints dislocating. Ali reports her hips, shoulders and other joints dislocate several times a week. She has severe pain at times. She is taking medication which has helped with relaxing her muscles.

In spite of these challenges Ali commenced a position as a waitress at Bogey’s Bistro in Emerald and was also working as a Retail Assistant at The Reject Shop.  When Queensland went into Lockdown in March 2020, Bogey’s Bistro closed and Ali was stood down from her position. Ali was still working at The Reject Shop, but with only minimal hours. Ali resigned from The Reject Shop in early June and returned to Bogey’s Bistro when they re-opened mid-June, but again with minimal hours. Ali then applied for and gained a position as a Café Assistant in Mid-July at the Crossroads Café. Then, like so many other small companies across Australia, Bogey’s Bistro closed again start of August due to minimal patrons.

Ali was grateful to have work, but knew the role she was in wasn’t ultimately a role she found fulfilling.  She attended a face to face appointment with a Joblife representative, Team Leader Becci Forman, in August.  Ali stated she was not happy with her position at Crossroads and this is not the type of work she was wanting to do.  Becci asked her, “what is it you want to do”?  Ali stated that she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Creative and Professional Writing as she wanted to be a Journalist. She said she had heard of a new Newspaper in the region and she was trying to find some contact details for it. Becci said that she would also try to see if she could find some contact details for the Highlands Leader. Doing some research Becci was able to find the contact details for the editor, emailed Ali the contact details, and encouraged her to reach out to him.  Ali stated that she had also found the details and had contacted the newspaper.  Ali confirmed she had been in touch with the editor and had written two trial articles for the newspaper!

Ali then contacted Becci to inform her she had an interview with the newspaper and was offered a casual position with full time hours as a Cadet Journalist. Upon their next meeting Ali shared a front-page article she had co-written! Ali is loving her new job and her role is now a permanent part time position as a Cadet journalist.  Ali is happy with her new position and has stated that she is excited about the support and assistance she has received from Becci through Joblife Employment throughout this process.  Ali said that she is “blown away” at how quickly it happened after the conversation she had with Becci in the middle of August.

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