Kolina Adamson

Dannielle came to Joblife in 2019 after having a poor experience with other providers, feeling that she was worthless and that she had nothing to give, and would never be able to be normal, let alone hold down a job. We got Dannielle transferred over to Joblife and this is when her journey with EC Kolina began. Dannielle entered into a Certificate III of Business Administration and completed this in 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic. What an amazing achievement. Kolina watched Dannielle grow during this time from the shy girl who felt she had nothing to offer, to being top of her class and fellow students coming to her for help and advice.

When Dannielle got exited from Joblife after completing her course, she ended up under Job active and rang Kolina distressed and asking for help.  Her EC Kolina gave her advice on what she needed to do but, also linked her with a non for profit organisation called Abundance College in the local area so she felt supported while she waited for her Esat and continued to fight to be transferred back to Joblife.

In January Joblife finally received Dannielle’s pending referral and she was so happy to be back with us, and this time it was very different. Dannielle was shared with Kolina all the things she had a achieved and how she finally can see see herself as an asset in a business setting, and how her coping skills have grown throughout this whole process, and this time she had a massive smile on her face.

Dannielle is now about to complete her certificate II in Hospitality that was a Skilling Queenslanders for Work activity with Abundance College. Cleveland’s MP even came in to meet the students and see the café where she was working for the first time.

Kolina stopped by to visit with Danielle and show support while working at Joblife’s Victoria Point site for the day, and felt very blessed to be sitting having lunch when she heard Dannielle share her story with MP Mark Robinson. She was praising our service and explaining how joining Joblife had changed her life, so of course she mentioned that her Employment Consultant was in the café.  Joblife is very proud that a local MP was able to talk to our representative and see how Joblife’s vision: A JOB FOR EVERYBODY was embodied by Danielle. MP Robinson was really excited to see the community working together.  This is a classic example how linking in with fellow community organisations, which have a similar purpose, works and how we get our footprint out in the community.

Dannielle will complete her SKU program in March and Abundance College have reached out to Joblife about wage subsidies and how they work as they would like to employ Dannielle as Café supervisor and admin assistant, around the 14th of March this year.

As you can imagine Dannielle is absolutely thrilled, and Abundance College are very excited that they are able to offer Dannielle this opportunity.   Kolina has added, ‘I could not be prouder of all the hard work Dannielle has put in to achieve this wonderful outcome as this is truly why we come to work each day!’

The above photo is of Dannielle hard at work behind the coffee Machine while MP Robinson is offering encouragement along with another staff member from Abundance college.

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