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Elizabeth had a motorcycle accident which left her with a severe spinal cord injury. This injury together with medication management caused major changes in her life and led to her web design business shutting down. Elizabeth was referred to Joblife for support getting back into work and with some help she is now working in a great role for the NSW Department of Education.

We love sharing feedback from our amazing clients and Elizabeth has been kind enough to share a letter about her journey with us.


“Dear Jess,


Once in a blue moon an amazing person comes into your life and makes such a positive change that you feel compelled to acknowledge them in writing. I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while how much your help has improved my situation, but today seems like just the right time.

When my Military daughter put in for a transfer to Singleton two years ago, I moved to the Newcastle area so I could support her as she puts down roots and starts her new family in this choice location. Only her transfer took her to Brisbane this time instead and I found myself alone in a strange area with my entire support network far away in Sydney. A bad place to be when I became devastated with a severe spinal cord injury from a motorcycle accident.

Not only was I physically impaired by the spine injury, I also needed to take Lyrica to stabilise the nerve damage. For me, this medication causes nervousness, extreme fatigue, depression, and anxiety. I could not think clearly, I could barely hold a conversation. As a result, I lost my web design business which was my sole source of income and soon found myself selling off my car, furniture, appliances and many other possessions just to pay the rent.

By the time I signed up for Centrelink support and was referred by them to you Jess, my condition had been stabilized through a series of spinal cord injections, a fantastic physiotherapy routine and a greatly reduced dose of that Lyrica. I was literally trying to get ‘back on my feet’ again, but I had been out of work for too long and was still feeling very fragile physically and mentally… You did not focus on any of that though, instead you looked for my skills, my experience: my potential. Throughout our first consultation, you made me feel valuable again – you reminded me that I have a lot to give and you made me believe in myself. 

…Sammie-Jade – another Joblife consultant who’s help was instrumental in securing my current position at the NSW Department of Education. Although this has turned out to be the perfect position for me, I was seriously plagued with stress and anxiety for the first few weeks and you and Sammy each came to see me… You never stopped supporting me as I grew stronger, more capable, and more valuable to my teammates. The income I am now earning has got me into a beautiful little apartment near the sea, replaced the car, furniture, appliances, and nearly everything else I had to sell, and I’ve even put a bit into savings. Thank you again for the continued thoughtfulness, compassion, and support that has transformed my lifestyle completely!

…You helped me to regain my confidence, you helped me to get a great job and replace those things I had to sell before I met you and now you have given me the strength and courage to face this major surgery with an attitude of hope for a complete restoration to full health and a future bright with wonderful employment options. Sammy Jade deserves a big thanks too and I have every intention of writing a personal thank you note to her next. I also feel so grateful to Joblife Employment Services for providing such wonderful support staff as you and Sammy and for empowering you to assist vulnerable people like I was.

My daughter will try again for that transfer to Singleton when her 3 years are up and until then, I have found a whole new support network here in Newcastle – with you Joblife angels at the centre of it. And I do not feel like I can say this quite enough: Thank you so much Jess!! I hate to think where I would be today if I had not met you when I did.


Very Sincerely,

Elizabeth Johnson”


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