At Joblife Employment, we try to understand our clients so we can understand the best way to assist our clients on their employment journey. Every client is unique, and so is the path they take to employment.

Faha Najarian came to Joblife with many barriers to employment, however he has the number one quality which we look for in clients, a good attitude towards employment.

Faha is 62 years old and has heart disease, emphysema and many other physical health problems associated with being a mature client. Not to mention English is not his first language!  However, as Faha was a motivated to work, he and his Employment Consultant were able to work together as a team to assist him in finding suitable employment.

We found Faha employment as a panel beater labourer with Euro Cars in Sydney. Faha had previously worked as a panel beater in Syria, his native country, for many years and enjoyed this type of work.  As there were not many opportunities in the Wollongong area, Faha was even willing to travel to be able to find employment.

Euro Cars’ manager is from the same cultural background as Faha and understands that he has experience that can be utilised in his the business, whilst maintaining a basic workload to meet Faha’s physical limitations. A perfect match for both client and employer!

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