In light of Harmony Week (21st March-27th March), we want to celebrate the achievements of our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) clients, who face many barriers to employment.

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Finding a job is hard enough without barriers.

But the Joblife team knows there is a job for everybody, and we want to make it easier for our clients to find work.

Parramatta client, Dalal Youssef, came to Joblife hoping we could do just that.

“She had no work experience when she migrated to Australia from Lebanon, English is her second language, and she faced discrimination for her appearance and her hijab.” Senior Employment Consultant Nefa Alic-Pirgic said.

Dalal also lives with a spinal disorder. Nefa was not going to let these factors stop Dalal from getting a job.

“Nefa was absolutely my number one supporter. She is very understanding, works very hard. She is a great representative of Joblife.” Dalal said of her Employment Consultant.

Nefa helped upskill Dalal, providing her with the skills needed to find work. This included an online computer course, finding Dalal a volunteering role in aged care and disability support, and enrolling her in a certificate in individual support.

“She wanted to do something for herself after all she had been through, and she realised she wanted to help people.” Nefa explained.

Nefa connected Dalal with her employer contact at Nationwide Care Plus to provide Dalal with voluntary work experience while she studied.

Nationwide Care Plus offers aged care support and disability support services in Sydney. As they recently opened for business, they were excited to be able to foster new workers like Dalal.

Dalal has since begun working with Nationwide Care Plus on a permanent basis after she completed her volunteer work.

“I really recommend Joblife because of the encouragement. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I recommend Joblife to anyone that needs help. They really give you options and respect you.” Dalal said of her Joblife experience.

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