Not only can Joblife find a job for everybody, but they can also help you find the right job.  

Dwindling hours at work spurred Rockhampton’s Dannielle Nixon to get assistance from Joblife. Dannielle suffers from depression, anxiety, and Subacromial Bursitis in her left shoulder. Subacromial Bursitis causes Dannielle to experience inflammation around her shoulder joints.  

Her physical barrier led Dannielle to believe she could not work in an industry she is passionate about- childcare.  

With her dream dashed, Dannielle and Joblife Employment Consultant Kelly Wilson looked at an industry less physically demanding. Dannielle scored a position at a local hotel doing administration and gaming activities.

“Initially, the position was only 20 hours per week and Danni was a benchmark client for 23 hours per week. Kelly intervened and offered a bottom-line wage subsidy to the employer; we were able to get Danni 3 more hours and place her into the position.” Regional Team Leader Becci Fazldeen said.  

Like many people with barriers to employment, Dannielle soon found it difficult to flourish in her job because of inflexible and stubborn processes.  

“Danni remained employed with the hotel for several months, but there were some issues with her pay rate and employer expectation of duties that she was asked to do but was physically unable to perform.” Becci said.  

Dannielle took a leap of faith. She found her way back to childcare, ensuring she was transparent about her physical limitations.  

At Natural Wonders Childcare, Dannielle was offered a position in the baby room; this was the perfect adjustment to her barriers, as her primary concern was her injury hindering her from working with the bigger kids.  

“I was referred [to Joblife] by someone I know at Shine Lawyers. They only heard good things, so I thought I would see if Joblife could help me find work. The enthusiasm of the staff… Kelly is amazing. She is so upbeat and fun. She took me out marketing and helped me to update my resume.  

The support I have got is amazing and I feel like [Joblife] really have my back. They will definitely help you find a job and then support you through the tough times at work. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” Dannielle says.  

If your barriers prohibit you from fitting in your dream job, Joblife can make your dream job fit you. To connect with us, click the link: Joblife Employment | Contact us