Iranian refugee Danyal Khosravi arrived in Brisbane via Indonesia in 2014 and promptly put himself through a TAFE course which offered English to help him overcome the language barrier.

“Danyal was formerly in the Iranian military and Farsi (Persian) is his first language,” Joblife Employment Consultant Tracey Hill said.

“Danyal was in a traffic accident in 2019, and he hadn’t worked since the accident when I started helping him. Danyal also suffered homelessness after his accident.” Tracey explained.

“I heard about Joblife 3 or 4 years ago. A friend of mine had anxiety, and Joblife helped him find a job. When I went through my accident, I experienced anxiety as well. I went to Centrelink, and I asked them if I could be referred to Joblife.” Danyal said.

Alongside Tracey, Joblife Employment Consultant Kathryn Ettritch reached out to her vast support network and established a plan.

“Danyal’s self-confidence was very low, so I got him into Back2Work to build his confidence. Danyal wanted to help people, so I wanted to help him become a support worker.” Kathryn said.

“I didn’t think I could do it because I thought to be a support worker, I would need harder qualifications. I was expecting to only get physically demanding jobs. Joblife made it easy with the network they have, and they saw I was kind and wanted to help people and pushed me towards that.

My previous employer took advantage of me because of my language barrier, and I experienced racism there. Joblife helped me trust people again. Kathy and Tracey were great supporters.” Danyal said.

Now, with his new employer Alya, Danyal will be an Assistant with Daily Living, Goal Attainment, and Personal Care.

“If you want to find work, Joblife can help you. They have the network and are understanding. They care about people.” Danyal says.

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