At Joblife, we understand the importance of a good match. Sometimes the only sure way to find the right fit is to try it on for size.

Chris England, a Joblife client who lives with autism moved to a new town and struggled to find a job that fit. His Employment Consultant, Wendy Maddams was determined to support him in finding the right job.

“When Chris came to me here in Manjimup some 330km south of Perth in WA, he had didn’t have access to any transport, he had no idea what he what wanted to do and no direction but he just said, ‘I know I need to get a job’,” Wendy said.

“Chris wanted to have a real go so I got him a work trial on the night shift at a local factory-starting just a few days later. I drove him to his first shifts at the chip factory and I was more nervous than him. I felt like a mum driving her child’s first day of school.”. She checked in with him each day but the next week Chris phoned Wendy to say it was just too physically tough for him.

“We had already agreed that if he could try and get through the four-day trial then we would reassess and that if it was proving unsuitable, we would work on getting him another job – which we did.”

Wendy drove Chris to Coles where he handed in his resume with a cover letter she had crafted, and before long he had received the good news that he was a successful applicant for the night fill position. With a new frame of mind and determined to do his best- Chris excelled at his induction and was able to go straight into a customer service role.

“I always told Chris that if he really wants a job, I will get him a job and now he’s working and he’s living the dream.” Wendy said.

Sometimes you have to try before you buy, and Chris was sold on Coles.

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