Myth Buster #1

A person with disability won’t be able to do the job

Most people with disability have rich and fulfilling careers, earn full wages and do not consider their disability to be a barrier to employment. In Australia more than 30% of people with disability in the workplace are in managerial or professional roles.

The Paralympics and Invictus Games demonstrate the skills, confidence, resilience and “can do” attitude of individuals with disability, injury or illness – and the same characteristics are evident in employees with disability.

Let’s focus on ability, not disability, and lift the number of people with disability in employment.

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Myth Buster #2

It costs more to hire a person with a disability

In fact, it is more affordable. Access to subsidies and incentives means employers receive funding from the Australian Government, six months or more placement support from Joblife Employment for you and the candidate, zero recruitment costs, pre-screened and job ready employees, and access to training.

If workplace adjustments are required additional support is available through the Australian Government’s Work Assist program.

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Myth Buster #3

A person with a disability won’t fit in to my workplace

At Joblife we understand that employing a person with disability for the first time could be a step into the unknown. For many employers the image of a perfect employee and a person with disability don’t match.

But what if the ideal candidate for your business was a person with disability? What if you knew that businesses with a diverse and inclusive workplace report that they attract more customers and staff morale increases? What if you knew that employees with disability take fewer days off, take less sick leave and stay in jobs for longer than other workers?

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