From 1st July the Australian Government introduced new compliance changes that could affect the total value of your allowances.

Failure to meet certain requirements will result in receiving demerit points which may lead to your payments being reduced. Some reasons for getting demerit points include not completing your jobsearch, not attending appointments or job interviews and not participating in agreed activities.

How Joblife work with you:

Our App keeps you connected

We are flexible to meet you

We support you to attend interviews

Your activities are tailored to suit you

Your new online dashboard will help you know where you stand.

The Green Zone means you’re doing the right thing and meeting all your requirements. Most people will stay in the Green Zone.

The Warning Zone means it’s time to take control. You have not met your requirements and have one to five demerits.

Keep meeting your requirements and you will move back into the Green Zone.
If you don’t meet your requirements and get 5 demerits in six months you will move to financial penalties. In this zone if you don’t meet your requirements you will lose some or all of your payment.

Meet all your requirements for 3 months and you’ll move back into the Green Zone.

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