Attend your Joblife appointments

We will help you prepare for work and refer you to services and activities to help build your skills. Joblife can review your requirements to make sure you can do what’s on your Job Plan. With our partners, Life Without Barriers, we can help you access additional services within the community.

Complete your job search every month

This could be up to 20 job searches, depending on what you have agreed to in your Job Plan. Make sure you report your job search on time each month.

Participate in activities to build work-like skills

Attend each day of your agreed activity and record your attendance online each day as soon as you attend.

Follow up on job referrals and attend job interviews

Be prepared. Joblife will help you keep your resume up to date and tailor it for each application. Check your job matches and use your online dashboard to confirm you have attended your interview.

Use your online dashboard

Record the jobs you have applied for, see all your requirements. Confirm you have attended appointments, job interviews and activities. Know where you stand.

Contact us straight away if you can't meet your requirements

Whenever you can’t meet a requirement, you must tell your Joblife consultant beforehand to avoid getting your payment suspended.

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