Training and employment entitlements

Joblife can provide you with a range of financial assistance when you employ one of our candidates (dependent upon your eligibility).

There’s full or partial wage assistance, licenses and tickets for your new employee, reimbursement of costs for workplace modifications and the purchase of work-related tools, equipment and clothing.

Mature Aged Workers

The Restart programme is an Australian Government wage subsidy that encourages businesses to employ mature workers. Restart can help you to expand your business and employ workers who are aged 50 or older.

The Restart wage subsidy is a payment of up to $10,000 (GST inclusive). You can receive the Restart wage subsidy over 12 months if you employ an eligible mature age job seeker. The full rate of the Restart wage subsidy is payable if the employment is for at least 20 hours per week. You will receive a pro-rata wage subsidy if you employ an eligible mature age worker between 15–29 hours per week.

Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support Program

Is a payment that assists employers of eligible Australian Apprentices with disabilities. Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support payments are made to employers who:

  • employ an eligible Australian apprentice with a disability who finds it difficult to get an approved apprenticeship because of his or her disability
  • currently employ an Australian apprentice who has acquired a disability during his or her apprenticeship and needs help as a result.

Tutorial, interpreter, and mentor services are available to Australian apprentices who have been assessed as eligible for Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support and need extra help with their off-the-job training.

The wage subsidy scheme and supported wage system for people with a disability

These schemes and systems, provided by the Department of Social Security, support businesses employing people with a disability in open employment conditions or productivity-based positions. Your Joblife Consultant can provide you with more information about these wage subsidies and support. Click here to learn more.

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