Joblife would like to welcome Monique Chapman to our Manjimup office, where she will be working with Emma Pickering to support job seekers with disability find employment or enrol in educational opportunities.

Monique is particularly special to us because she was one of our job seekers before she became one of our employees.

She first met Emma last October and signed up to Joblife to improve her chances of finding a suitable, sustainable position.

At the time the 21-year-old was experiencing anxiety and depression which were significant barriers to her finding employment.

“I had heard about Emma and the great work she was doing with people like myself, but didn’t feel I was ready to meet her,” Monique said.

“But when I finally did get to meet her I found her to be very professional and really, really nice and I could tell she was going to help me.”

Through Emma, Monique was able to build her confidence and skills to the point where she was ready to undertake some work experience. Emma offered her a number of opportunities in the Life Without Barriers/Joblife premises in Manjimup where she could learn more about work place requirements and culture.

After a number of work experience sessions Emma was struck by Monique’s rapid progress and keenness to learn.

“Monique showed initiative and intelligence, asked pertinent questions and I could see her confidence growing every time we met,” Emma said.

“So, when the opportunity came up for me to find someone to help with my expanding caseload she was the first one I thought of.”

For Monique her three days a week in the office have been life-changing.

“I have a real purpose to get up in the morning and really enjoy the work at Joblife. It has been a huge learning curve for me, but I am very grateful to Emma and Joblife for showing so much faith in me.”

Monique – we are lucky to have you.

From all at the Joblife Team.