It’s time to put your gloves on and fight for the job you want!

Joblife’s Townsville team partnered with James Weait from Populi Solutions, to help Joblife clients become job-ready through the Gloves Program. A venture James has run since January 2020.

The Joblife-Gloves collaboration is not just a once off. There is still a chance to join in on this fantastic opportunity. The program will run again in early 2022 with Joblife’s Wollongong team.

“I think [the program] helped turn the clients’ frown upside down, as cheesy as that sounds. It motivated them and gave them purpose, stability, and routine. These are all important for when looking for employment.” Townsville & Capricornia Regional Team Leader Becci Fazldeen said.

Gloves is run over six sessions. Jobseekers joined the Joblife team and James at the local gym once a week for a two-hour program. The first hour sees the jobseekers try their hand at boxing pad work, while the second hour is all about job coaching, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

“Joblife is the first DES provider to engage in our program. I was really excited about that because I have wanted to use the program to break down barriers for people with disabilities trying to gain employment.

Fundamentally, the participants will come away with the confidence and the skills to do well in interviews and in jobs.

In session one, we ask the group why they think we chose boxing, and we always get a barrage of responses: it’s fun, you can get good pretty quickly, it releases endorphins. I always add; ‘You also haven’t been hit in the face because you’re working together and communicating to ensure that doesn’t happen!’. Teamwork and communication are, of course, very important in any job.” James explained about the program.

Not convinced that Gloves is just what you need to keep punching through barriers to employment? Let Joblife client and Gloves participant, Dane Cummins, tell you about his experience.

“I didn’t know much about the program. I was kind of thrown into it. I was hesitant at first but after one session, I loved it and was so glad Joblife put me forward for it.

James helps you on so many levels, from everyday living to job prospects. I recommend it to everybody and think it should be a permanent thing.

Joblife made it easy. I felt 100% supported. I have been with other providers, and I was on those caseloads for two years and only got one interview. I didn’t feel supported at all. Joblife has been the best of any of them.” Dane said.

Dane lives with arthritis in both feet and has a hand injury, which has made it difficult for him to find physical work in the past. But Joblife knew there was a job out there for him. After one session in the Gloves program, Dane found employment in hospitality.

Joblife is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities find their dream job and engage with the community to make it happen.

“It was wonderful to work with Joblife, they were very accommodating. Becci was incredible. Joblife is doing some innovative stuff to help people with disabilities gain employment.” James said of Joblife.

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