Joblife’s Adelaide consultant was discussing Greg’s circumstances and his work interests with him, when she learned that Greg did not have easy access to the internet, or a telephone at his home.

His limited means of being contacted made it quite difficult for him to communicate with potential employers and to follow-up jobs that he has applied for.

“In this day and age, employers expect to be able to contact people via telephone or email – it is assumed that everyone has access to both,” Greg said.

“And because I don’t have either, I have found it extremely difficult to look for jobs, let alone be invited to an interview.”

Greg is energetic and really enthusiastic about finding work, so Joblife was able to help by providing him with a smartphone.

“I am so excited and grateful to Joblife for taking the time to understand my circumstances and for providing me with a phone.  I can now look for jobs without having to travel to the library and meet my government job search requirements.

“I feel more confident when I apply for jobs as I can at least now put down a contact number and email address whenever I apply for jobs.  Thank you so much, Joblife.  I now feel like I have a much better chance of finding work thanks to you.” said Greg.