Joblife is a joint venture between Life Without Barriers and Jobfind, two of the most highly regarded companies in their respective fields. Joblife is a new provider of Disability Employment Services, which offers genuine care, flexibility and understanding for our clients.

A participant is eligible for Disability Employment Services if they, have a disability, injury or health condition; are at least legal working age in your state or territory; under aged pension age; and are an Australian resident. Centrelink needs to complete an assessment to determine your eligibility and the number of hours you can work in most cases.

Contact your local Joblife office, or our National Support Centre on 1800 319 502, who will make an appointment for you to come into one of our offices, or meet in your local area for a coffee and a chat. Or you can simply fill in you details on our website and we will contact you.

There are no costs to receive support in Disability Employment Services. The program is funded by the Australian government, to help people living with disability or injury to better access employment opportunities. Joblife may be able to assist you with purchasing items, or to complete training to make you more job ready, as well as accessing Wage Subsidies when you gain employment.

All of our Joblife Employment Consultants have the experience, skills and knowledge to help you to find meaningful and sustained employment. Although your local office may only have one or two consultants, our teams are national, so you have the knowledge base of an Australia wide organisation to call on. The staff at Joblife are passionate about providing assistance to those living with disability, or injury, not only with their employment needs but also to provide genuine care and support.

The initial meeting will take place in person, to enable consultants to fully explain our services and to be able to tailor our assistance to you. If needed these appointments can be conducted at a mutually convenient location, and you are always welcome to bring a support person with you to your appointments. Future appointments can be negotiated to be face to face, over the phone, or delivered through video chat.

Certainly. Resumes, cover letters and selection criteria, even video resumes are critical in making a great first impression with an employer. Joblife consultants would love to help you with any of these to increase your chances of gaining an interview.

That’s fine, we understand that at times making it to appointments can be difficult. Please call us if as soon as you are able – either to your local employment consultant, or the National Support Centre on 1800 319 502, so that we can arrange another suitable day and time for you.

We appreciate your feedback! Forms will be given to you as part of your welcome pack at your first appointment. These can be filled in at any stage and emailed to management. You can of course speak to your local consultant, or our National Support Centre to give feedback, and there is also a toll-free number you can call and a website you can visit. These details will be displayed in your local Joblife offices.