When Matthew Caines relocated to the Sunshine Coast in May due to family reasons this meant he had to leave his employment and resulted in the cancellation of his school based traineeship in hospitality.

He enrolled in Caloundra State High School with the hope of finding an employer to recommence work and complete his traineeship.

Sandy Williams from Caloundra State High School contacted disability employment services provider Joblife Employment early in term 3 and commenced the registration process to assist Matthew re-enter the workforce.

Matthew came with praise of his reliability, dedication and enthusiasm towards his school commitments.

Our Employment Consultant, Heath Doman, engaged with local clubs, restaurants and cafes in an attempt to find a suitable opportunity for Matthew.

Enter Natalie Bell from the Dicky Beach Supporters Club. Natalie identified with Matthew’s situation and as a local Community Based organisation, felt they were in a position to assist.

In under two weeks from the initial contact, Matthew commenced work with the Dicky Beach Supporters Club and recommenced his traineeship in Hospitality. Matthew will be working in the food service area and kitchen over the coming months with an expectation to complete Year 12 in November and complete his traineeship January 2019.

After his first shift Matthew and his father Marcus were both full of praise for Natalie and all staff at the Dicky Beach Supporters Club. They have been incredibly welcoming and supportive of Matthew. They have demonstrated an amazing culture and positive atmosphere that is evident from the moment you walk through the door.

Matthew thoroughly enjoyed his first day with the Dicky Beach Supporters Club and highly recommends the hot chips!