For 54 year old Brisbane woman, Jenny, injuries from a horse accident several years ago had hampered her ambition to pursue a career in hospitality.  She had been with a number of disability employment services but had limited to zero success in securing a job, let alone an interview.

When she made the switch to Joblife Employment services in Springwood she found employment consultant, Michelle Parker, to be a breath of fresh air.

“She makes things happen – there is no stopping her. She’s a real goer. Michelle picks up the phone and calls everybody she can. I’ve had four interviews and I’m just waiting to find out how I went.”

While she has some computer skills, Jenny appreciated the time and effort Michelle put in to helping her with more complicated tasks.

Michelle recognised Jenny’s potential and enthusiasm early on – and sought to break down the barriers she faced in chasing her dream. By helping her with her resume, preparing her for job interviews and teaching her to search online for vacancies, Michelle was able to secure three interviews for Jenny within one week.

“Every week we sit down together and look for jobs and I pick up the phone and call people for her,” Michelle said.

“She has a lot of skills and experience in the hospitality area and she would be a great asset to any organization.

And would Jenny recommend Michelle and Joblife?

“Hell yeah!”

You can contact the Joblife Springwood office by calling Michelle on 0418207746 or emailing her on [email protected] 

(We’ll keep you up to date with Jenny’s job search!)