When you’re the type of person who needs to work but find yourself unemployed, it can wreak havoc on your mental health and sense of purpose.

Kurri Kurri client, Ian Jones*, 61, was exactly that type of person.

Ian worked his adult life in Horticulture, but when he eventually developed chronic angina, this line of work became too physically demanding and unsustainable.

Ian found himself unemployed and on a medical exemption.

“I was referred to Joblife through Centrelink. I didn’t have any expectations, but it worked out quite well.” Ian said.

Employment Consultant Ryan Martin helped Ian tweak his resume to better showcase his skills and experience.

Then, Employment Consultant Dane Durie supported Ian with preparing for interviews.

The Joblife team helped make the job-searching process easier, and Ian was able to gain confidence to find a job that fit his capabilities.

“Joblife are friendly. It’s easy to talk to them, and you are well supported. They look for ways to help you. It’s hard enough out there and they make it easier. They helped me be honest with my capabilities and find a job that suited me.” Ian said of his experience with Joblife.

With Joblife’s help, Ian has been working as a delivery driver for a month and is enjoying every moment.

Joblife believes there is a job for everybody, for every ability. Connect with Joblife today to find the right job for you, as we support our clients to find their new purpose. Click here to connect with us.

*Please note that Ian’s surname has been changed to protect his identity.