Did you know, in Australia, it’s anticipated that 45% of people will face a mental health condition in their life?

At Joblife, we know the importance of mental health and how the effects of depression and anxiety can be debilitating for someone trying to find a job. Joblife aims to better understand depression and anxiety, and support clients and staff through the barriers they may face. This includes providing and prioritising mental health first aid for our staff.

Joblife Rockhampton client, Jacob West, lives with depression after experiencing a loss in his family.

Jacob found it difficult to get back into work as he tried to manage his mental health barriers.

When Jacob came off exemption, Employment Consultant Noella Brickell was not going to let him fall through the cracks of the system.

“I also live with a disability; I have a lived experience of what clients go through. I did not want Jacob to get left behind.” Noella explained.

When Noella saw Jacob had a trade on the resume, she used her extensive experience and connections in the construction industry to find the perfect role.

I had the perfect employer for Jacob. The employer and I were playing phone tag all day. I decided to drive down there and promote Jacob to him. I was determined.

We organised an interview. I drove Jacob to the interview, and he was full of nerves. I told him he would smash it and let him talk through his anxieties to me.” Noella explained.

After a successful interview, Jacob was offered a role at Mining Equipment Maintenance (MEM) as a Diesel Fitter. To celebrate, Noella and Jacob’s new employers Mitch O’Maley and Jamie McLauchlan, took Jacob out to buy him some tools.

“He had sold his tools years ago to pay the bills. We wanted to help him get back on his feet so he can hit the ground running at work. Mitch has even used the wage subsidy we gave them to help Jacob. They give out loans to employees to be able to buy tools, they’ve used his wage subsidy to pay off Jacob’s loan.” Noella said.

With a supportive, open-minded, inclusive employer and employment consultant, Jacob is ready for the labour force and excited for what the future holds.

“Jacob has been doing great out here and his confidence has increased significantly in the short period he has been here! My door is always open, and he seems to be loving it so far and seems really happy!” Mitch said of his new star employee.

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