Finding an employment service provider that provides people-centred services are important qualities for many of our clients.

According to Newcastle client, Jessica Gallehawk, Joblife possesses these qualities.

“Joblife takes my disabilities into consideration, but also sees what I am still able to do in my work life. They really listened to my experience and what made me comfortable. They paid attention to my needs.” Jessica explained.

Jessica lives with a spinal disorder commonly known as Lumbar Spondylosis and she also has mental health barriers.

By connecting with Joblife, Jessica thought it would boost her chances of finding work.

“All the reviews I had seen online, Joblife was my best option.” Jessica explained.

Jessica’s previous experience is in retail and was ready for a new challenge.

Employment Consultant Melissa Abbott helped Jessica prepare for work by tweaking her resume and cover letter, and tapping into the Joblife employer network.

Joblife then helped Jessica with her police check, travel expenses, work shoes and helped her find her confidence to begin her next employment adventure.

“Joblife is a really supportive team that understands your needs and wants.” Jessica said.

Jessica now works as a Room Attendant at a popular hotel chain that spans across Australia and New Zealand.

Joblife is proud of Jessica’s achievements, and we are looking forward to helping her secure a second job. To connect with us and get tailored, supportive guidance to finding work, click here.