When Josh Hambrook started work at Plant Biotech last year, he had no idea he’d soon become an essential link in one of Australia’s biggest horticultural chains.

And chances are, if you’ve purchased a beautiful tropical plant at Bunnings in the past six months, you’re savouring the fruits of Josh’s labour.

Based at Buddina on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Josh is a client of Joblife Employment, Australia’s most innovative job agency. The opportunity for casual work was created by his Employment Consultant.

“Josh came to Joblife Employment as a new client in 2020 and after talking to him and focusing on what he wanted to do I thought Plant Biotech was the perfect fit,” His EC said.

“Josh has a Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games and he has a few conditions including ADHD and Autism which require supervision at work – so when he told me he loved being outdoors I contacted Plant Biotech and arranged an interview.

Plant Biotech’s Managing Director Anil Ghodké is a big believer that everyone deserves an opportunity and Josh absolutely loves his job.”

Plant Biotech is the largest tissue culture company in Queensland involved in the mass-scale production of high-quality tropical plants such as Philodendrons, Spathiphyllums, Alocasias, Colocasias, Monstera and edibles such as Gingers and Pineapples. Plant Biotech supplies to major growers in Australia and overseas.

Joblife Employment Chief Executive Officer Nunzia Confessore said Josh’s success story provided a perfect example of the company’s Mission Statement.

“Our vision is “a job for everybody” and we genuinely believe that to be true – It is what drives our team every day to be a positive influence on our client’s job search,” Nunzia said.

On the eve of his 12-month work anniversary on August 31, Anil said Josh had developed into an integral and much-loved member of his staff.

“It’s not Josh’s fault he’s got a disability and his confidence levels have really increased since he started,” Anil said. “Initially he was shy and couldn’t talk to me but he now communicates really well because he feels safe in his work environment.

We hire lots of people with disabilities – we provide our staff with good training because we want long-term staff members and when people feel safe, they don’t look for another job which is really good for us.”

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