A mother will do anything for her children.

Joblife’s Newcastle client, Karen Freeman, 49, was determined to turn her life around and be a good example for her son.

Karen had been unemployed for many years and lives with anxiety. Her confidence was knocked after losing her previous employment unexpectedly and without explanation. This has proved quite the barrier to re-entering the workforce.

“I wanted to show Karen that I had her back.” Employment Consultant Kellie Beveridge said.

Kellie dedicated her efforts into building Karen’s confidence and preparing her re-entry into the aged care sector.

“I noticed she was not very savvy with computers. It’s a skill she needs as she must do computer-based case notes for work. I coached her on the basics and told her to take her time,” Kellie explained.

“I then re-wrote her resume, and we went out to the aged care facilities in her area to hand them out. At first, Karen was nervous, so I went in with her and spoke to the potential employers for her.

But when we got to the third potential employer, Karen decided she had the confidence to do it herself! It paid off as the employer turned around and offered her an interview for the following Monday.” Kellie said.

Karen was successful in her interview and was offered the job.

To help Karen adjust to her new job, Joblife has helped provide her with water-proof shoes and work pants.

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