Living with autism, identifying as transgender, and looking for work. Tabitha was searching for support and direction.

Joblife Employment Consultant Leanne Groom can tell you that when Tabitha Cook, 23, was being turned away by other employment providers, it was more detrimental than the barriers that hindered her.

Having built a level of trust, Leanne soon discovered that Tabitha did not have a drivers’ license, she had no work experience, and she was not receiving any assistance for her mental health. This prompted Leanne to link Tabitha with a GP who could refer her to a psychologist.

“I spoke with Tabitha’s psychologist and we both came to the same conclusion; the best way to help Tabitha gain employment was to build her confidence and self-worth.” Leanne recalls from her collaboration with the psychologist.

Leanne was determined and formed a support plan. Leanne drove Tabitha to job interviews, went shopping with her to buy work clothes, and role-played interviews in the car.

Leanne also supported Tabitha with online interviews. This is where Tabitha built her confidence and skills with technology and administration. Leanne just needed to find the right opportunity.

“Joblife moved into the new office in Rothwell and two doors down a new bookkeeping shop opened up. The owner, Chris and I starting chatting about Tabitha because I knew he needed someone to pick up the admin work.” Leanne explains.

Chris and Kelly from CKF Bookkeeping & Tax offered Tabitha a 4-day work experience opportunity. However, Tabitha did so well that she has since stayed on and now works 20 hours a week.

“Working with Joblife in Rothwell has been a really positive experience for our company. Tabitha has definitely added value to our day-to-day operations, undertaking all that is administration and reception related.

Tabitha and CKF Bookkeeping & Tax Pty Ltd are supported by Joblife as often as required and we will definitely be recommending them to others.” Chris and Kelly say.

The good news does not stop there. Tabitha has now been able to afford to move out of home and is happy in her new position.

Leanne is on call to help Tabitha whenever needed.

Leanne’s support has made Tabitha feel all she had to do was turn the key, open the door, and get to work. Joblife can make your employment journey as simple as a turnkey contract too. To sign it, all you have to do is contact us here: