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Hi all. My name is Kellie Brooks and I have always lived in the North East of Tasmania and was lucky enough to be born in Scottsdale. I am a mother of three wonderful children – the two older ones now navigating their own pathways around study and employment.

Having had five years’ experience in disability support work (working with mainly neurologically diverse clients) as well as two years’ experience in employment services gives me a deep understanding of the needs of people living with disability’s employment needs and goals.

I also have abroad knowledge of our local labour marketing having worked in small business, retail, banking and service industries. I am very proud to be working for Joblife a company who believes there is a job for everyone and I promise to provide outstanding service with genuine care and support.  You can call me anytime on 0417 907 715.

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16-18 Ruben Court
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Launceston TAS
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