According to Epilepsy Action Australia, people who live with epilepsy are more likely to experience anxiety and depression due to discrimination. 

 Joblife Rockhampton client, Mathew Gent, has a lived experience with this discrimination, as he has been unemployed for three years.  

 Mathew has epilepsy and subsequently experiences depression and anxiety. 

 However, one week on Employment Consultant Noella Brickell’s caseload changed the game.  

 “We updated his old resume because I had the perfect job lined up for him. I put him forward for the position at EG Fuels Berserker and he got the job.” Noella said.  

 Proving that all Mathew needed was support and someone to believe in him, he started work as a Console Operator. In this role, Mathew is opening and closing the store, re-shelving, and selling fuel. 

 The support doesn’t stop now that Mathew has the job. Noella is there to see Mathew thrive in his role.  

 “Mathew called me up after a few weeks on the job. He was upset. He thought he was going to lose his job because he believed he was ‘too slow’. I knew it was just his anxiety, so I took him out for a coffee to talk it over.  

 Then I spoke with his supervisor Melissa McKay to ensure she was happy with the work, and she reassured me that everything was good. It is just about communication and ensuring the right thing for Mathew and Melissa.” Noella explained. 

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