Starting with only 30 moustaches and progressing to five million, the Movember movement has grown into a global fight to promote and improve men’s health.

This month, Joblife wants to join that fight. Depression and anxiety is in the top 5 reasons people come to us for support.

Joblife’s South Australia client Justin Wakefield’s case shows how our staff help their clients push through when other employment providers have pushed back.

“Justin has an intellectual disability, suffers from anxiety, and he didn’t finish Year 12 but since he joined Joblife he is now driven and focused,” Justin’s Employment Consultant Gabriella Drinic said.

“Justin is now so keen to learn. Joblife encourages him to fulfil his potential – all he needs is someone to believe in him and give him an opportunity.

I learned he really wanted to own a gardening business because his family owns one and he has experience,” Gabriella said.

“He had a bad experience with his previous provider who suggested he could not complete a Certificate III in Business because of his disability and mental health barriers. I wanted to encourage him to keep trying because I know he could do it despite what the nay-sayers, believe.”

Justin has rewarded the faith and mental health support Gabriella gave him and proven his previous providers wrong.

“I didn’t want to stifle Justin’s dreams and he has handed in every assignment on time – he hasn’t needed to redo any assignments and they have all passed so far. “

At Joblife, we prioritise our clients’ mental wellbeing and are dedicated to upskilling our staff with mental health first aid training. For our male-identifying colleagues, clients, family, and friends- we encourage you to talk more, and grow that mo!

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