At Joblife, we want to support our partners just as much as we want to support our clients.

On Friday the 25th of February, our team went to Fairfield in Western Sydney to support Nationwide Care Plus at their Grand Opening.

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned Aussie BBQ. Joblife Regional Team Leader, Carlie Lothian, Senior Employment Consultant, Nefa Alic-Pirgic, and Employment Consultant, Adriano Lind, sizzled sausages for all those in attendance.

Nationwide Care Plus provides services and support for aged Australians and for people living with disability of all ages. This includes:

Home Care
Disability Services
Disability Accessible Vehicle Service
Staffing Solutions

Community Access Programs
Day Program
Respite Care
Supported Independent Living

Joblife and Nationwide Care Plus connected over our shared vision and mission. Both organisations strive to empower people and build their capacity to live a dignified life that gives them purpose.

Nationwide Care Plus has worked alongside Joblife to empower Joblife clients, providing them with meaningful and sustainable employment. Nationwide Care Plus provides an understanding, disability-friendly environment for our clients to thrive in their new jobs.

“Joblife staff are great. The communication and support provided by Joblife is worth working with them to hire employees.”

Pauline Karallis, the Business Development Manager at Nationwide Care Plus.

Partnerships with employers and the community are valued highly at Joblife. Nationwide Care Plus and Joblife will continue to work together to achieve our mutual goal: to support and enfranchise people with disability.

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