Life does not always go to plan; some would say it rarely does.

Townsville client, Neville Austin, had worked his whole life in machinery operation and manual labour jobs. This line of work was no longer a viable option for Neville as he developed Degenerative Congenital Spastic Paraplegia. Which resulted in walking difficulties and abnormal gait.

In early 2020, Neville reached out to Joblife for help.

“I asked him what he wanted to do. Neville has started to utilise a walking stick to help with his mobility and he told me what he thought he could do for work. We discussed possible re-training options such as obtaining a DA to drive buses for mine site employers.” Townsville & Capricornia Regional Team Leader Becci Fazldeen explained.

Neville quickly transferred to Joblife to find the right job for him.

With doctor approval for Neville to pursue bus driving, it soon became evident that discrimination was his true barrier to employment.

“I contacted many local truck companies, but when Neville showed up at an interview with a walking stick, it was made clear that he would not be successful getting the job.” Becci said.

“I was starting to lose hope that I would ever find my forever job.” Neville said.

But, trying just one more time, paid off for Neville.

In December 2020, a local laundry delivery service required a relief delivery driver over the Christmas period, so they offered Neville a trial.

Joblife was able to assist Neville with obtaining work pants and a fuel card to commute to work.

The employer has since asked Neville to stay on permanently.

“This is the job I wanted, and I will happily do it until I am ready to retire. I am so glad I met Becci and transferred to Joblife.” Neville said.

A year on and Neville is still supported by Joblife in his role.

Joblife believes there is a job for everybody, and Neville is the prime example that this is true!

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