It’s not always at the forefront of every employer’s mind to adjust a work chair or provide accessibility functions on work equipment.

But it is on Joblife’s, because we are dedicated to making every work environment disability-friendly.

Joblife’s South Morang client, Nicholas Punter, was in a car accident that left him unemployed for three years as he recovered from a back injury sustained in the accident.

Nicholas came to Joblife, ready to re-enter the workforce. Employment Consultant Kara Church was determined to help Nicholas back on his feet, and very quickly got him a work-from-home role as a debt collector.

“I connected with JobAccess to organise a sit-and-stand desk and a chair that would help with his back injury. The workstation was worth $4000, and we were able to get Nicholas the equipment he needs without putting him out of pocket.” Kara said.

Joblife also provided Nicholas with work clothes and a computer monitor. Now that Nicholas has found his calling, Kara continues to support him through his job.

“The injuries from my car accident brought my life to a severe halt. When I stopped working, my mental health began to decline and it took a long, extended time to recover, firstly physically and then mentally. 

With my physical health mostly back in order, I needed to get back to work before I could truly feel and reap the benefits of the mental recovery.

This didn’t happen until I finally got in touch with Joblife to start my journey on the road back into the workforce. This too was a long process after such an extended time off but without the help from Joblife, and most importantly Kara, I often doubt I’d be in the place I am today. 

I am eternally grateful for all the support I’ve received from Kara and Joblife as they helped me find my feet again and as cheesy as it may sound, get back into life.” Nicholas said.

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