The importance of a relevant resume was highlighted when Joblife Regional Team Leader Nathalie Blomme was preparing one of her older clients for a job interview.

The Joblife team at the time were undergoing difficult challenges. Not wanting to wait, not wanting to put out a preventable fire, Nathalie intervened with Veronica’s case early.

Nathalie, and her client Veronica Oma, 67, were fact-checking her resume when she noticed a yawning four-year gap in the employment history.

After learning that Veronica had taken an extended break after being made redundant and invested that time into building a fully eco-friendly home, Nathalie’s job finding antenna was buzzing.

“Veronica explained to me she actually designed the entire home and project- managed the whole building and construction process and her beautiful new home had been given a 7 Star Energy Rating,” Nathalie recalled.

“These are clearly very sought-after skills and once we tidied Veronica’s resume up and got her prepared with some clothes for her return-to-work process she was full of confidence and ready to go.”

That was in February last year and nearly 18 months later, Veronica is still employed as a Project Officer at Western Power and Nathalie’s as proud as ever.

“When someone tells you you’re too old they’re telling you a load of hogwash,” Nathalie said.

“Veronica had applied for so many jobs prior to coming to Joblife Employment and she was sure it was her age that was preventing her getting a job.

Having a really impressive resume that highlights your skill sets, including soft-skills, is so important.”

If your resume needs updating your Joblife Employment Consultant can help you with the resume and covering letter and prepare you for the next step – the interview.

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