Roylene spent a lot of 2019 applying for jobs and kept being rejected time and time again.

Her confidence was at an all time low and some negative feedback lead to a decline in her mental health.

She was looking for someone to give her a chance so her counsellor referred her to our Joblife Employment team in Wollongong. She set up a meeting and came into Joblife March 2019 and signed up directly with us for support.

One week after this she commenced as a client with Joblife. This then led to her being put forward for an administration position in the Joblife office supporting our employment consultants. After excelling in this role for 10 months she was promoted to full time work as an Employment consultant with our Wollongong team.

Roylene is now a valued member of a high performing team. Her favourite time of day is when her team meets up at our 8.30am for a morning buzz as she feels energised and ready for the day!!


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Indigenous Woman Finds Job As Teacher Through Joblife