When Ryan Martin walked into the Joblife Employment office almost three years ago, he had no idea he was taking significant steps towards a very successful career change.

Unemployed at the time, Ryan’s original interaction with Joblife Employment’s Toukley office was as a new client looking for work but it wasn’t long before his Employment Consultant Dave Curtis had identified him as a potential internal recruit.

With a Diploma of Business Administration atop his resume, Ryan’s visual impairment meant some roles were off the table but Dave promptly recognised some real potential in his star client.

“I had no idea when I came to Joblife Employment looking for a job I would actually get a job here – but I couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out,” Ryan said.

“I had worked in a customer service role previously and after a few meetings with Dave a role came up and I got the job. It’s amazing – I absolutely love what I do and working at Joblife Employment.”

Employed as a Customer Engagement Consultant, Ryan’s role is largely customer-service and he is responsible for contacting and responding to every inquiry that comes into the Joblife Employment website and social media pages.

And in Ryan’s assessment, his background and experience in customer service is certainly proving its worth.

“Some of the messages we receive can be quite confronting because some people are in a really emotional state when they reach out,” he said.

“There are no real, one-size fits all type requests – the most common requests are ‘what can Joblife Employment do to help?’ and what advice or help can we provide.

“Lots of these people are desperate for a job and it’s my responsibility to do everything I can to help them along their journey.” 

Ryan’s dedication has paid off, as he has also taken on a caseload in recent weeks. Now Ryan is helping people the same way Dave helped him.

If you or any of your friends and family are looking for a job, phone Joblife Employment Customer Service Team on 1800 319 502, email [email protected] and we’ll have you employed in no time.