1 in 3 women experience anxiety at some point in their life. Anxiety is more than just feeling worried or stressed.

Anxiety disorder can severely impact a person’s physical health and be a major barrier to accessing opportunities. This can vary from being too nervous to order food, to being too fatigued and scared to attend a job interview.

This was true for Joblife Launceston client Sharon Sullivan, whose anxiety has affected her physically and mentally.

“Sharon is tired and can even get light-headed when she is anxious. She also doesn’t cope well with changes and needs a structured routine to be able to concentrate and remember things.” Joblife Employment Consultant Angela Hanna explained.

With Angela’s help, Sharon was able to prepare for her re-entry into employment. They searched for various roles across many industries.

It wasn’t long until Sharon secured an interview for a cleaning position. Angela knew just the thing that would help Sharon feel confident.

“We paid for her to have her hair cut and coloured, clothing and footwear. It really made Sharon feel supported, she didn’t have to worry about the little things and was able to focus on her interview and then commencement of her new role. It did wonders for her confidence, and I’m so very proud of what Sharon has achieved.” Angela said.

With a work-ready make over and a new attitude, Sharon aced her interview. She is now a cleaner at Launceston Environmental Services.

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