Young people finishing high school often experience the same post-school dread; how will anyone hire me when I have no work experience?

Ipswich’s Shay Johnson, 18, lives with a learning disability and pondered the same question.

Luckily for Shay, Joblife is determined to ensure young people like him have access to employment opportunities.

Joblife Employment Consultant Stacey Reedy visits Shay’s school fortnightly and hosts group sessions for students.

In these sessions, they do interview preparations, resume building, and discuss tips on how to approach employers.

For Shay, Stacey’s advice was vital in getting his cleaning job at Blackall Street Butchery with his employer Paul.

“My first priority was to make Shay understand that is okay to need support with the barriers he has in his life. The other priority was to help build his confidence.

I explained to Shay he should highlight his qualifications in his resume as he was more qualified than he thought with a Certificate I in Construction and a white card.” Stacey explained.

Stacey had given Shay the confidence to approach Paul and landed the job. Now together with support from Paul, Stacey continues to help Shay, in whatever capacity he needed. This includes budgeting his pay checks and financial management of his income.

To get our Joblife Employment Consultants at your school and open doors for you or your children email: [email protected] or connect with us here.