Sumita Singh’s 10 years in Australia has been nothing short of a battle. From learning English to starting a family, Sumita has fought to have a better life.

When Sumita arrived in Australia, she worked in the aged care sector. While heavily pregnant with her daughter, Sumita sustained a spinal injury after a workplace incident.

Thankfully, her now eight-year-old daughter is safe and healthy, yet the injury debilitated Sumita greatly.

“[Sumita’s] husband left because he felt she could not do things for him and support him in a way he wanted his wife to.” Joblife Employment Consultant Lilianna Koopman explains.

Sumita’s lack of confidence in her own abilities impacted her mental health, and she remained unemployed for 8 years.

“She has low self-esteem and does not believe she is useful because of her injury.” Lilianna says of Sumita.

Lilianna focused on building Sumita’s confidence. A perfect opportunity to do so swiftly presented itself.

“She had a job lined up at a laundry company where she would need to know how to sew. She was waiting to hear back but was told she needed training before she can get the job. This went on for some time and I let it slide for a little while but then realised that perhaps Sumita was being taken advantage of.” Lilianna explains.

Lilianna encouraged Sumita to stand up for herself. This prompted Sumita to explain to the employer she was not able to continue the way she was as she needed to support her daughter. The employer understood Sumita’s situation and a few weeks later offered her the position.

The employer has been very accommodating to Sumita’s circumstance and allows Sumita to bring her daughter to work during the school holidays.

“The employer has been complimentary of Sumita and says she is learning very quickly.” Lilianna reports.

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