As the owner of Sunview by Style Glass and Aluminium on the Sunshine Coast, Bruce Prince’s business success has come from producing a premium product combined with great customer service.

The business currently employs 12 people, including glaziers and support staff, and a recent new hire, Hunter, who is on the autism spectrum.

Hunter is not the first person with a disability that Bruce has employed. In a previous life in retail with the Good Guys, Bruce had engaged a person with a disability and felt that experience had been positive for all concerned. “I believe that everyone needs a chance to work, and for young people, especially those with a disability, there are a lot of challenges in finding work,” he said.

“If you find the right person for the job they are just like any other employee, and I have the same expectations of Hunter that I do of all my staff. Everyone learns differently and I have had to find the best way to teach Hunter about the job. He’s going well. He enjoys the work, gets it done and fits in with the guys.”

Bruce said Heath Doman, from Joblife Employment at Mooloolaba made the whole process smooth and simple. “He had all the answers to my questions, helped fill out the paperwork and he is good at finding people are right for the role. He removed all my concerns and doubts.”

Hunter was at risk of leaving school but his family, his school, Bruce and Joblife, have worked through a plan that suits everyone and they are looking forward to seeing Hunter succeed.