Townsville Coffee Club gives Bella her big break

When a client presents a problem that’s preventing them from getting into the workforce, Joblife Employment Consultant Veronica Mejia-Garcia always goes above and beyond to provide a solution.  And there’s no better illustration of the involvement Veronica has in her clients’ pursuit for a permanent job than her latest star placement in Townsville’s Bella Walsh.  Prior to her coming to Joblife Employment, Bella had been unemployed for the past 10 years, [...]
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Client Spotlight: Danielle Sloane

Kolina Adamson Dannielle came to Joblife in 2019 after having a poor experience with other providers, feeling that she was worthless and that she had nothing to give, and would never be able to be normal, let alone hold down a job. We got Dannielle transferred over to Joblife and this is when her journey [...]
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Client Spotlight: Ali Goddard

Ali Goddard – Becci Forman - Daniel Hawthorne - Ali has had a number of challenges to overcome to find her dream role.  She has a confirmed diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, diagnosed at age 18. She has been treated with psychological counselling, medication and psychiatric reviews.  She has symptoms of [...]
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Client Spotlight: Faha Najarian


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Elizabeth in front of her workplace.

Client Spotlight: Elizabeth Johnson

At Joblife Employment, we work hard to assist our clients on their employment journey. There are many different paths to employment and we support our clients to find the most suitable path for them. Elizabeth had a motorcycle accident which left her with a severe spinal cord injury. This injury together with medication management caused [...]
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