Townsville Coffee Club gives Bella her big break

When a client presents a problem that’s preventing them from getting into the workforce, Joblife Employment Consultant Veronica Mejia-Garcia always goes above and beyond to provide a solution.  And there’s no better illustration of the involvement Veronica has in her clients’ pursuit for a permanent job than her latest star placement in Townsville’s Bella Walsh.  Prior to her coming to Joblife Employment, Bella had been unemployed for the past 10 years, [...]
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How Dicky Beach Surf Club is supporting Matthew

When Matthew changed schools for family reasons he had to leave his employment which resulted in the cancellation of his school based traineeship in hospitality. Find out how Joblife got him back on track.

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How a smart phone is changing Greg’s life

Greg is energetic and really enthusiastic about finding work, so Joblife was able to help by providing him with a smartphone.

Joblife recognise that we need you to be connected so what better way than an exclusive APP and access to a phone!

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